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Duane Locke

Sur Object


My Sur-Objects were created on a photo processor. They are neither orthodox photographs nor paintings, something for which they are often mistaken. The process is my own personal invention. I started doing Sur-Objects in June, 2016, and already have had 103 accepted for publication.

I am inspired by the radical singularity of the concrete particulars of the earth, nature. I contemplated such living beings as leafhoppers and other insects before the creation of a Sur-Object, and when transformed by this intense and exciting contemplation, I commence creating a Sur-Object. I feel that words can never delineate the experience I feel and thus I convey this inward and concealed experience through visual art with the hopes that the viewer will also experience a non-verbal, no thought experience and transcend the reductive limitations and quasi-falsity of our au courant received and traditional explications and axiologies.

I feel most of our beliefs and esthetic theories are false and destroy authentic art. We must unlearn what has been spoken into us and transvalue everything. I have no respect for popular and traditional beliefs and opinions. Our current society is a culture of mendacity and fantasy. Rarely does anyone experience reality, and thus live their whole lives in self-deception. My art to transcend the narrow, and the insularity and ego-imprisonment of the human mind.

I also am a nature photographer, having recently over 700 photos published, but primarily and basically I am a poet, having 7,065 different poems published, 34 books, the latest (July 2016) VISIONS (Kind of Hurricane Press.)

I live hermetically in Tampa, Florida, a city unknown to me near friendly alligators, ospreys, ibis, herons, egrets, etc