Solidago came into being in 2016. Writer/editor Catherine Brereton graduated from the MFA program at the University of Kentucky, and passed on the Editor-in-Chief position of Limestone (University of Kentucky’s literary journal) to her successors. Knowing that she would miss such close involvement with the world of literary journals, she asked artist/photographer Kopana Terry if she’d like to be involved in a new journal. Kopana, who was looking for new artistic challenges, jumped at the chance. With prose and art duly taken care of, Catherine and Kopana approached Susan Stewart, a poetry aficionado, to round out the team. And so, Solidago Journal was born.

Our tastes are unique and we like our published works to be unique as well. While we provide visual and thematic prompts for each issue, we do not overlook well-crafted writing that inspires or provokes emotional turns. By the same token, it’s not altogether uncommon that a visual art submission becomes a future cover.

Solidago publishes less than 10% of the materials submitted to us in each of our bi-annual releases.

Solidago is Latin for goldenrod, the state flower of Kentucky. A beautiful wildflower to some, a noxious weed to others, it’s a treasure to local pollenators (see Solidago’s bee mascot) who make something new from the goldenrod’s blossoms. We welcome you to bring your ideas and art to us, in the hope that your creativity inspires others.