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issue 5 | winter 2018 | initiation

Birch Trees At Twilight by Sandy Davis

Artist Sandy Davis studied at the Art Institute of Boston and Rhode Island School of Design. Her work has been exhibited and sold in Massachusetts and Kentucky. In 1997, she held a solo exhibition “European Landscapes” in Vienna, Austria where 19 paintings sold.


Artist’s Statement

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the ocean, marshes and cranberry bogs fairly often. Even as a child, the contours and colors seemed to reach out and grab me and I couldn’t look away. What intrigued me most was how an exact location could look so different throughout one single day. And, never mind how the seasons transformed landscapes! This is what inspired me to pick up my first set of soft pastels and I have been creating art since.

As if Massachusetts wasn’t inspiring enough, I spent 15 years living in Kentucky surrounded by creeks, deliciously decrepit barns, fields and horse farms. Living in a holler, trees became a new passion for me to interpret as I witnessed the color and light dance around them each day. In the winter, you can see far through the woods, sparking a sense of wonder. But each year as spring turns to summer, leaves open up transforming vast spaces into cozy little havens, almost giving you a hug.

Throughout the years, I’ve worked with many mediums. Most recently, I’ve challenged myself with mix media and often combine acrylic and metallic paints, gel mediums, glue and oil pastels. I use brushes and pallet knives, and even found objects to create interesting textures. This said, I seem to always find my way back to my beloved soft pastels.

My recent Birch Tree Series captures what can be seen through the trees such as pathways, color and light. My hope is to express how quickly what you see can and will change, while remaining beautiful.