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Benita Clarke

C is for ….?

I began taking pictures as a child when my father let me use his camera. The more pictures I took, the more I wanted to capture and soon the camera was my constant companion. My father gave me my own camera and I’ve been taking pictures ever since.

I love to view the world through the camera’s eye; the contrast of the way our eyes see objects or people vs. the way the camera sees them fascinates me. Being able to freeze moments in time is always amazing to me.

A photo is the soul of a moment, and the gift of photography is the memory of how you felt in that moment. It is a tangible recollection of the awe you felt at the beauty of a sunrise; the reminder that beauty is everywhere even in the mundane details; the remembrance of the loved one who is no longer with you, but whose smile is preserved in the photo.

The more pictures I take, the more I realize just how fleeting these moments are, and how important it is to capture, preserve, cherish, remember, and share them so others can see what I see and enjoy a bit of the souls of these moments too.


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past featured artists

  • Duane Locke
    Sur Object


    My Sur-Objects were created on a photo processor. They are neither orthodox photographs nor paintings, something for which they are often mistaken. The process is my own personal invention. I started doing Sur-Objects in June, 2016, and already have had 103 accepted for publication.

    I am inspired by the radical singularity of the concrete particulars of the earth, nature. I contemplated such living beings as leafhoppers and other insects before the creation of a Sur-Object, and when transformed by this intense and exciting contemplation, I commence creating a Sur-Object. I feel that words can never delineate the experience I feel and thus I convey this inward and concealed experience through visual art with the hopes that the viewer will also experience a non-verbal, no thought experience and transcend the reductive limitations and quasi-falsity of our au courant received and traditional explications and axiologies.

    I feel most of our beliefs and esthetic theories are false and destroy authentic art. We must unlearn what has been spoken into us and transvalue everything. I have no respect for popular and traditional beliefs and opinions. Our current society is a culture of mendacity and fantasy. Rarely does anyone experience reality, and thus live their whole lives in self-deception. My art to transcend the narrow, and the insularity and ego-imprisonment of the human mind.

    I also am a nature photographer, having recently over 700 photos published, but primarily and basically I am a poet, having 7,065 different poems published, 34 books, the latest (July 2016) VISIONS (Kind of Hurricane Press.)

    I live hermetically in Tampa, Florida, a city unknown to me near friendly alligators, ospreys, ibis, herons, egrets, etc